Saturday, January 9, 2010


new photos!

I am so sorry to those that follow this blog. I've been very neglectful in updating. I have a new set of photos on my flickr page.. some of the trip to the UK and some of the ones I've taken in the last month of my hometown. enjoy!

The past few weeks have been rather cool. I'm unemployed (eek) and at home for the first time in a long time. So I'm taking this opportunity to work on my drawings and paintings, research, read, write and help out around the house a bit. I can't help but feel like a freeloader sometimes though. My dad never makes me feel that way, but a lot of adults in my life, without really saying it, make me feel like I am. "Oh, so you're not working eh? Hm. That must be nice!" in a rather snarky tone. I shouldn't let it bother me. But for a people pleaser like myself, I can't help but care what other people think. Not saying I'm an insecure person and didn't grow a shit load of confidence while away in Barcelona, but I'll always be overly critical of myself, my choices and my art.

Another funny thing has happened over the past little while. Not joking, but 5 ex boyfriends of mine have all decided to get in touch with me over facebook in the past 2 weeks?! Is that not a little freaky? I mean, boyfriends from like 5 years ago, from High School!! I mean, unless they all have some evil plot forming against me, it's all kinda cool. I met up with an old boyfriend of mine from grade 11 last night. It was great! We've grown up so much. I admit I was a little nervous meeting up, but it wasn't awkward at all! :)

Gonna do more editing on a funny film my friend Hannah and I made in Paris last spring now. So great!!! I can't wait until it's done. Does anyone know of any jazz groups that have any recorded stuff that would like to be featured on a short film??? It's gotta be rather reminiscent of 1960s jazz...

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