Sunday, January 24, 2010


The Vancouver Aquarium

I've always thought that our Aquarium was one of the most magical places for a kid (as well as a 23 year old.. cough*). I remember spending what felt like hours and hours visiting the tropical room searching for the sloth, enchanted by the pink anemone and angelic jelly fish, or watching the orca splash around. I was invited to my friend's daughters 2nd birthday gathering there this past weekend. 10 on a Saturday... eek! But I embraced the crisp morning air, jumped on my bike and rode to Stanley Park. I hadn't seen these girls in person for literally years. Since our last days working at Urban Fare, we've only kept in touch via Facebook. So this was the first time meeting their little ones. Crazy! Lizanne was the first to arrive with her impossibly adorable Eva. I couldn't stop smiling! SOOO cute! And Lizanne is just amazing, not only is she (and her boyfriend) raising a 15 month year old, but they both work AND study full time! I can barely do one at a time, I couldn't imagine what having to care for another human being would feel like on top of all that. I admire her! And then Ashley came around with her little guy Tristan and eventually Sherisse (who wasn't expecting Lizanne and I) with her birthday girl Shaushauna.
It was so nice to be a little kid again and wander around the Aquarium and catch up with the ladies and giggle with their delightful kids. And of course pay a visit to my favorite Aquarium creature, the sea otter. Spent a good 5 minutes soaking up it's cuteness. Then went home and watched Schindler's List.


My friends Rein, Elva and Mai-liis Tammemagi visiting from Toronto in the summer of 1992

Me at 3? or 4?

My old work friends; Sherisse (with Shashauna) Lizanne (with Eva) and Ashley (with Mr. T) heehee

Shosh and Eva being cute

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