Saturday, April 24, 2010

Happy Belated Earth Day!

Ride bikes more! :)

Y para mis amigos de Barça que están obsesionados con bicicletas, visite esta exposición guay y gratis!
Otrascosas de Villarrosàs, c/ Via Laietana, 64 Pral (Del 22 de Abril al 20 de Mayo de 2010)


Eczema is a bitch.

Friday, April 23, 2010


I keep running into someone I scarcely know. We always end up at the same gatherings, same intersections downtown... What does this mean? hmm

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Jake Ryan.

image found on 'We heart it' and

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Horray! I finally got my act together and had a few close friends over for a proper tea party.
And boys, you probably won't ever understand the attraction of a tea party (other than the free food). Think of this as a poker night... substitute cigars for pearls or lace, nachos and beer for cream cheese & lox.
As much as I loved getting these wonderful ladies together, I also found the whole process of preparation (although exhausting) so much fun! Planning the baking, arranging the china, the smells in the kitchen... sigh* I liked making the mini sandwiches and wraps the most though. Something about making things miniature and sticking them with toothpicks is very satisfying. Sweating around the oven and setting out the doily.... It was like being a Stepford wife to 7 girlfriends, (NOT a husband.) I loved it! :)
I'd love to have another one in the backyard when the weather is a bit more consistent. Glad you all could come ladies!!! And especially Diana, who was supposed to be in the US for a Polish dancing event (but due to the devastating events last weekend, it was cancelled). My condolences Dee!


Jason Allum!
My lovely friend cut my hair the other day. I was his first client! EVER!
He had only cut those "Judy" model heads in class before, and never a head of curly/wavy hair either. I think he did a fantastic job. I rarely have haircuts that I totally like, but in this case (and there are very few!) I loved it.
I wish him the best for his future career, although I hope he doesn't become too successful because then I wouldn't be able to afford him. :) ...I'm sure it will come to that though.

Friday, April 2, 2010


Once again, it's Barcelona.

Today, last year, was my departure date from YVR to BCN. I can't believe it's been a year. That 9 months there were some of the best of my life (many more to come of course).
I can't really explain how much that place means to me. It's the kind of city that overwhelms and scares you at first, with all the people, the tension of Las Ramblas and other panic-y tourist packed sections. At least that is how I felt. GET ME OUT OF HERE!
But I knew that it was a place that needed another chance. You can't realize it's enchantment in a matter of days (or maybe you can, if you don't get pick-pocketed and are able relax easily). The warm terra cotta shades of the narrow streets. The brilliant summer light of midday, dimming to a warm satisfying glow in the evening. My long walks and bike rides. It's festivals and traditions. A croissant and hot café con leche on an August morning, at an hour just before it becomes too stifling to walk anywhere. The sparkling cava and fresh sea food...
I won't go on an on, (and you know I can). Just wanted to express thanks to those that made my stay in Barcelona so very special.
xox you know who you are!


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