Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Vancouver this weekend.

I was lucky enough to enjoy the rare January sunshine during the past few days. What a difference it makes having a blue sky! It felt just like the time when I arrived back home this December.

On Saturday I had a nice coffee with my friend Julie at Granville Island and got to walk and talk with her on the sea wall. Then came home to our back porch doors wide open. Kaja and Whitey were just hanging out in the kitchen letting the sweet air fill the house. Felt like spring.

Then after a horrific wind storm at around 4am Sunday, I woke to sunshine! AGAIN!? So tralalala went biking in the afternoon and read my book in English Bay. I gotta live it up before I start my job in February! I just hope there will be more pretty days like these to come in the next few weeks. Especially since my lovely cousin Laura is coming to visit in the end of the month.

I love my bike!

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