Sunday, June 28, 2009

BELOW: I've tried TWICE to make that photo vertical. but no dice. SORRY, guess it's more EXTREEEEME in that way. lol


The word: EXTREME

Anthony liked to say EXTREME a lot during his stay. But it also can be used to describe the state of my last day in Barcelona.
The morning consisted of packing, organizing and making food. Then Kaja and I went to Barceloneta to meet up with Anthony . The boy suggested we bring olive oil to tan with (sorry! it's bad I know. but i put spf 45 underneath!). So when Kaja and Ant were in the water, a EXTREME olive oil spill occured in my beach bag (which was supposed to be my carry-on bag). Sopping up the spillage with my towel and trying to not waste it, I carried on slathering the oil all over me (not as sexy as you may imagine)... dirty sand, damp bathing suit, oil... you do the math.
Anyways, when we got back to the apartment I put it in the wash. Kaja and I then carried on to Jade and Gary's for a farewell dinner (yummy comfort food). They also gave me a sweet card with a panda on it (like Longey... i'll explain who Longey is later), with a little bottle of wine and a sweet-ass corkscrew (I had been using a horrible one in my apartment for too long). So that was really sweet. Then we carried on to the festivities on the beach for the yearly midsummer night's fest (can't remember the name! gahh) debauchery. It was a bitter sweet night, saying goodbye to these lovely people (although I may be going back sooner than expected) and saying bye to Ant.
Then after walking 45 minutes back to the apartment, I realised I didn't have my keys!! EXTREME STUPID! bah! So kaja and I had to wait my neighbourhood until my roomies came home. Finally at 4:00, we got in. BUT...

I went in to the kitchen to get my bag which I had assumed would be drying up in the machiene. And when I opened the little door... WOOOSSHHHH gallons of cold water emptied out onto the kitchen floor and hallway. I was there trying to the close the stupid door and prevent more water from coming out, while standing in 3 inches of cold water. My sister and roomies were in hysterics. Kaja took pictures while my Urania and Marga mopped and helped me out of my mess. It was funny. EXTREME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, when it comes down to goodbyes, I am quite literally a mess (reminder for next time: avoid washing clothes, or using olive oil in any way).

I will try and write up another post about my adventures with the Tammemagis in Estonia soon! Sorry for the delay. x

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Saturday, June 13, 2009


This morning I am a very happy girl.

-I didn't wake up with my mouthguard on the floor, but actually still in my mouth this time! (yay no jaw pain today!)
-my neighbours weren't the ones who woke me up, but by the smell of toast or just me naturally getting up at 10:30 (magical time, when I ALWAYS wake up after a night out, even if I come home at 4).
-Remembering last night. Alicia had us all for pica-picas (delicious finger foods and salads). But before we had our "graduation" party with our teachers. So fun! Then Jade, Gary, Alicia and I went to this bar/club in Gotico where they played all old school funk and soul music. There, I managed to actually flirt in SPANISH with a very good-looking Spaniard (thanks to wing-woman, party-pro Alicia). haha

I feel like I put a lot of work into learning this language and going to school every day, it's probably one of the hardest thing I've done. But it was finally the kind of hard work that you really like to do, because you know by the end you've really got something cool and useful out of it. I don't really know if my teachers will ever know how much we students appreciate them. Carolina was a ball of sunshine every morning who was so patient and helpfull. I'll really miss her! And Irkus... he's just something else. I don't remember the last time I laughed so hard in any type of class! (i'll post up some pictures later of our class and the funny present we gave to Irkus at the end of class).
My French teacher in high school, Ms Gatti helped start of my studies in languages (even though at that point I couldn't care less about learning French or any stupid language other than English). She worked (and works) so hard to get her students to understand, but during high school, kids don't say thank you and don't get how lucky they have it, with a teacher like Gatti. Well, Ms Gatti your French helped me out a lot in Spanish and I hope you know how much my friends and I love you!
It takes a real gem to teach any language. It's a thankless job in some senses (especially if you teach a bunch of snot-nosed teenagers), and you aren't being paid what you should be (same case for all teachers I assume).


uh.. and people don't read this as I've graduated my Spanish classes, and now I am fluent. HA! far from it. Now I can start practicing in the real world :) ... and hopefully with a hot Barcelonian. ;)

Hasta luego x

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Going to Jade and Gary's last weekend.

hip-hop + hungry hippos + jade's cooking + education on cockney rhyming =

Saturday, June 6, 2009


she's my sister and has a great blog called
How do you find these things??!

this is what she posted a few days ago!! So awesome!!!! lol

this one is also hilarious

Google Kirsten Lepore!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


The place in your head when you discover something new.

While waiting for stupido (but my new favorite show) Dexter to load up on Megavideo, I did some research on schools. I had been looking at the film program at Dundee when my internet went bonkers and crashed. FFFFfff! I was so close to loading the last part of the episode that I had missed the other night because of my crummy internet problem, and then it shut down AGAIN! And, I was engrossed in the program guide that I was reading. Bah. Time for bed.
Then I had the wildest dream that I was like that girl in West Side Story, the one that wants to be one of the guys, in the Jets? Or was it the sharks? whatever, anyway I was looking for something and then I nearly fell off the metro platform and then I woke up. righhtt...
I think it had to do with the fact that I had seen a very cool exhibit in the CCCB yesterday.
It was about this film movement that was going on here in Spain between '78 and '85 called "Quinqui Cinema." They had rooms with the old posters, newspaper clippings, film stills and clips from movies such as, "Colegas", "Perros Callejeros", "Deprisa, Deprisa" to name a few. Sorry if you guys already know about this, but I just discovered it for myself and boy, ¡tan chulo! It's like a combo of Blaxploitation and Nouvelle vague, en EspaƱol! A mix of juvenile delinquents, arcade culture, drugs, sex, friendship and the reality of unemployment, poverty and lack of education during post-Franco Spain.

Don't worry dad, I don't do this here...

If some of you guys know of any sites or places I can rent these movies, please let me know! I haven't been very lucky in finding anything online tonight.


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