Sunday, January 24, 2010


The Vancouver Aquarium

I've always thought that our Aquarium was one of the most magical places for a kid (as well as a 23 year old.. cough*). I remember spending what felt like hours and hours visiting the tropical room searching for the sloth, enchanted by the pink anemone and angelic jelly fish, or watching the orca splash around. I was invited to my friend's daughters 2nd birthday gathering there this past weekend. 10 on a Saturday... eek! But I embraced the crisp morning air, jumped on my bike and rode to Stanley Park. I hadn't seen these girls in person for literally years. Since our last days working at Urban Fare, we've only kept in touch via Facebook. So this was the first time meeting their little ones. Crazy! Lizanne was the first to arrive with her impossibly adorable Eva. I couldn't stop smiling! SOOO cute! And Lizanne is just amazing, not only is she (and her boyfriend) raising a 15 month year old, but they both work AND study full time! I can barely do one at a time, I couldn't imagine what having to care for another human being would feel like on top of all that. I admire her! And then Ashley came around with her little guy Tristan and eventually Sherisse (who wasn't expecting Lizanne and I) with her birthday girl Shaushauna.
It was so nice to be a little kid again and wander around the Aquarium and catch up with the ladies and giggle with their delightful kids. And of course pay a visit to my favorite Aquarium creature, the sea otter. Spent a good 5 minutes soaking up it's cuteness. Then went home and watched Schindler's List.


My friends Rein, Elva and Mai-liis Tammemagi visiting from Toronto in the summer of 1992

Me at 3? or 4?

My old work friends; Sherisse (with Shashauna) Lizanne (with Eva) and Ashley (with Mr. T) heehee

Shosh and Eva being cute

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Vancouver this weekend.

I was lucky enough to enjoy the rare January sunshine during the past few days. What a difference it makes having a blue sky! It felt just like the time when I arrived back home this December.

On Saturday I had a nice coffee with my friend Julie at Granville Island and got to walk and talk with her on the sea wall. Then came home to our back porch doors wide open. Kaja and Whitey were just hanging out in the kitchen letting the sweet air fill the house. Felt like spring.

Then after a horrific wind storm at around 4am Sunday, I woke to sunshine! AGAIN!? So tralalala went biking in the afternoon and read my book in English Bay. I gotta live it up before I start my job in February! I just hope there will be more pretty days like these to come in the next few weeks. Especially since my lovely cousin Laura is coming to visit in the end of the month.

I love my bike!


Baking. During the holidays I became rather obsessed with baking. Here are some pics of the action!

Whitey eyeing the batter (she sat there on the chair for a good 20 minutes just waiting for me to look the other way. Fat chance little one!)

My baking day with Danica and Cisca :)

My mess...

Kaja's gingerbread stormtroopers...

"Fruit Explosion Muffins" (Evelyn's Recipe).. fairly decent attempt (considering they were all consumed within 24 hours)

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Vancouver... sigh* FINALLY some sunshine today! and blue skies! And I got to spend the day with my lovely friend Julie Jones at one of Vancouver's gems; Granville Island. Good times. :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


It's been years since I've been in love, or at least in that state of utter misery and angst which is commonly associated with being in love. Anyways, here are a few songs which make me feel not angsty in love, but magical/loving life kinda love...
and pardon the cheese, I couldn't help myself...
I honestly don't know why I'm in such a lovey dovey mood, all I've been doing the past few weeks is hang out with myself. Ha, I guess that's it. I am in love with me... lol tralalalaaa

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


My bag...

I love my bag! Thank you Kaja for this wonderful resilient yet stylin' bag, for it has lasted me through over 9 months of being in bag snatching world capital: Barcelona, then in Estonia, Turkey and then back in Barcelona, and then in the UK and then back here at home. I hope by writing this I won't jinx it, but this pleather wonder has not failed me once. tralalala yay bag!

Indigestion bag:

Feet hurt bag:

I can bike in a pencil skirt bag:

Take my picture already bag:

I like rain again bag:

Reunion bag:

Monday, January 11, 2010


I was driving with my dad today down Clark and noticed a 4 foot high "N" balanced against a series of trucks. ???
Then I remembered Ken Lum's plan for this sculpture...

Here is the article I found in the Vancouver Sun's website:

VANCOUVER — A symbolically rich sign of East Vancouver's marginality and defiance will soon be going up on a high-profile site at the corner of Clark and East 6th Avenue.

The public art work by artist Ken Lum is called Monument for East Vancouver. Placed on a ridge looking down on the False Creek flats, the 20-metre tall work will spell out — in the form of a cross — the phrase "East Van" with the two words sharing and crossing at the "a." The words will be lit by white LED lights and surrounded in an outline of white LED lights. With the cross-shaped phrase mounted on a silver base, the words should look like they're floating in space. The monument should also be visible for kilometres in several directions but especially to anyone approaching the eastside from the west.

Lum said in an interview that he's had an idea in his head for years to do something with the phrase which has been appearing on the eastside for decades.

"It's kind of an underground icon," he said.

"I wouldn't classify it as graffiti but it is the kind of signifier you'd see appear sporadically on sidewalks in chalk or behind grocery stores. It's never been formalized or recognized so I thought that was interesting."

Lum recalls seeing the phrase while growing up on the eastside. He also talked to someone almost 80 who recalls seeing it as far back as the 1940s and 1950s. But Lum couldn't discover its actual historic origins such as who started writing it and why.

The cross form does have a religious connotation but one that's cancelled out by the sacrilegious content, Lum said. In some situations, the phrase would be accompanied by the word "Rules."

"There was a double entendre: 'Rules' meant 'You enter the territory of East Vancouver, and you play by our rules.' There's also a somewhat different meaning of East Vancouver Rules — that the east side of the city runs the city which isn't true. It's rich symbol.

"It's that richness that I'd like to believe kept it alive all these decades. I think a lot of people will notice it and talk about it and not just advance public art but also what it means in terms of a bifurcated city."

The corner of East Sixth and Clark wasn't his first choice. He wanted something on Main Street but after a community review, the city decided on the prominent spot-on city-owned land in an industrial area. The city hopes to have the monument installed by mid-December.

Monument for East Vancouver is different from traditional monuments that tend to go in the centre of neighbourhoods rather than on the edge. Technically, it will be blocks away from the dividing line near Main Street but Lum said with gentrification and the real estate boom, the class border between east and west has migrated eastward in recent years.

Monument for East Vancouver is part of the city's $800,000 Mapping and Marking section of the larger Olympic and Paralympic Public Art Program. What makes Mapping and Marking different from other public art initiatives is that the ideas and sites for the works have originated with artists rather with arts administrators or city officials. Other works going up around the city before the 2010 Winter Olympics include Kingsway Luminaries, six LED-lit hand-cast white forms based on historic street lights that change colour from dawn to dusk on medians east and west of Knight Street, and Surface, a live broadcast of underwater life of False Creek transmitted from a camera mounted under an Aquabus to a screen on top of the bus.

Lum is one of the city's most celebrated artists whose work is in demand all around the world. Two years ago he completed a work called Pi where he installed 14 mirrored panels that reflected passersby in a 130-metre-long pedestrian passageway in the subway system in Vienna. Next year on Jan. 29, Lum's new public art piece will be officially unveiled in Utretcht, The Netherlands. Called Jan. 1, 1960, the 7-metre tall globe of the world shows the political boundaries of countries in 1960, the year when the greatest number of former colonies achieved political independence from their colonial rulers. It's going into a massive new community and education centre in a multi-ethnic area where the Dutch colonial office was once located.

Locally, people can see another example of Lum's work Four Boats Stranded: Red and Yellow, Black and White on top of the Vancouver Art Gallery. The four boats refer to the various waves of immigrants to Vancouver from the four directions of the compass.

Vancouver is lucky to get East Vancouver Monument. Lum said he doesn't usually submit to public art projects — especially those with an open call. Most of the public art competitions he's entered have been ones he's won after being asked to be on a short list. He applied to Mapping and Marking because he thought his idea fit the guidelines perfectly.

"I also thought that East Vancouver still gets short shifted," he said. "It never really gets its due - especially in terms of public art."

© Copyright (c) The Vancouver Sun


Saturday, January 9, 2010


ME going bonkers on the comp and uploading like mad today!
Here is a collection of some of the great music I heard during my travels (...even the last one). with Christopher Hansen

Pieces of Estonia


new photos!

I am so sorry to those that follow this blog. I've been very neglectful in updating. I have a new set of photos on my flickr page.. some of the trip to the UK and some of the ones I've taken in the last month of my hometown. enjoy!

The past few weeks have been rather cool. I'm unemployed (eek) and at home for the first time in a long time. So I'm taking this opportunity to work on my drawings and paintings, research, read, write and help out around the house a bit. I can't help but feel like a freeloader sometimes though. My dad never makes me feel that way, but a lot of adults in my life, without really saying it, make me feel like I am. "Oh, so you're not working eh? Hm. That must be nice!" in a rather snarky tone. I shouldn't let it bother me. But for a people pleaser like myself, I can't help but care what other people think. Not saying I'm an insecure person and didn't grow a shit load of confidence while away in Barcelona, but I'll always be overly critical of myself, my choices and my art.

Another funny thing has happened over the past little while. Not joking, but 5 ex boyfriends of mine have all decided to get in touch with me over facebook in the past 2 weeks?! Is that not a little freaky? I mean, boyfriends from like 5 years ago, from High School!! I mean, unless they all have some evil plot forming against me, it's all kinda cool. I met up with an old boyfriend of mine from grade 11 last night. It was great! We've grown up so much. I admit I was a little nervous meeting up, but it wasn't awkward at all! :)

Gonna do more editing on a funny film my friend Hannah and I made in Paris last spring now. So great!!! I can't wait until it's done. Does anyone know of any jazz groups that have any recorded stuff that would like to be featured on a short film??? It's gotta be rather reminiscent of 1960s jazz...


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