Friday, October 2, 2009


This is me on the computer again looking for a job. The one I had was very repetitive (marketing a free service of finanical advice and market reports to shareholders in the UK) and could have been very boring if it hadn't been for the people I worked with. The company had to shut down, and so our last day was on Wednesday. But I'll never forget these cool people. Natasha, a total sweetheart and someone I could talk to for hours and hours...

This is Bronwyn. Hilarious, Aussie and introduced me to the coolest, grimiest, cheapest, most real bar: Xampanaria. Hope we can go out more before I leave back for Vancouver!

Here is Bronwyn and Claire. Claire is lovely, great to chat with too and has the best telephone voice out of all of us girls and pretty much exceeded each of our daily lead count by 5, almost always!

And this is our group (minus the lovely Renée). That's Cobi our boss. He was cool enough to buy us all snacks and rum for mojitos and piña coladas (severance)! So that's why you see all that junk food and alcohol on the work table! Normally it's tea and biscuits, and all business. That last day at work was hilarious. No work, all chatting, drinking and having a great time. even though we didn't party like this everday at work, we still had a great time. Lots of funny calls, weird people, meaningful conversation and laughs. Lots and lots of laughs. :) miss you girls!

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