Wednesday, October 14, 2009


The closer I get to leaving this place, the more and more I don't want to. I really do want to return to Vancouver and try something new there, like getting into Uni and starting the next chapter of my education. And also educating myself in music more seriously. Guitar, piano and tra-la-la-ing.

But back to Barcelona...
the last week or so: (referring back to pieces of my diary)

Oct. 7th:
Dicovered that Poble Nou is very cool. It's very industrial but actually has a very cosy little green pedestrian avenue in the centre where there are many nice boutiques and charming food shops. It felt like Beaches, in Toronto.
Got a pair of black sneakers and a rasberry beret/tuque from Primark (total: 5 euro).
Had a very VERY delicious dinner at a very VERY handsome and funny guy's house (he cooked.) yum.

...Sorry girls, but if you want some gossip, you gotta email me. haha

Oct. 8th
(discovered the pool!).. read blog entry, two blog entries ago.

Oct 11th
Woke up with the worst hangover from the silly-drunk night out before. But managed to bike home along the beach (how lucky am I!?) to quickly grab my runners, brush teeth and wash face, so I could meet up and have my last date with Rebecca in Esplugues. My lovely friend from Dallas, Texas. She leaves back for the US this week after 7 months here. Luckily she was also a little groggy, so our planned hike never happend. So we had coffee and croissants, gabbed about the night before and about "bridges" and relationships and Columbus and our predictions of our returns back to the "new world." I'll really miss that girl. We had great conversations and lots of laughs. Thanks Rebecca! (and thanks for the awesome clothes you've left me! And my flatmates and I are enjoying the radio and iron too!) hehe

Oct 12th(ish)
Had fantastic dreams and discovered the most clear way of explaining my art. So I scribbled it down in my diary, in the dark, in the most unclear way possible. DOH!

But had a lovely afternoon with myself, sitting on the beach (still hot enough) and watching the turquoise waves while listening to the Beach Boys and Al Green. Then visited my handsome friend for the rest of the day. Devoured his left-overs in the fridge (muahaa), then we watched crap English television, and laughed until it was dark and we both had places to go. Sigh*
What an unstructured, yet fabulous day!

Oct 13th
The day was pink. Sporting Rebecca's pink shirt. Pink Greek strawberry yogurt at breakfast. Then cafe con leches with Bronwyn at Carmelitas. The breeze flowing through Raval even felt pink. Happy.

Got a membership to Gato Negro (Video store, like Commercial Drive's Black Dog (haha!)). The man running it is lovely. He offered me chai tea as I was looking through the collection. I thought he asked if I needed help, so said "Oh! No.. hehe" but I think he was asking if I wanted tea... DUuuuh... so much for my Spanish. Anyhoo, 2 for 1 on Tuesdays. So I got "Colegas" (the Cinema Quinquis film I talked about in one of my first entries) and from what I remember it being called, "En Construcion" (Godard-inspired doc. on Barrio Chino while Rambla de Raval was first being constucted in 1997-1998. It was beautiful! The characters, the stories... Did you know that when they were demolishing the buildings to make Rambla Rav., they found Roman skeletons and ruins underneath the ground!??).

Oct 14th (today)
Sat in the most tranquil part of Montjuic. The only the sounds were of birds, buzzing insects and leaves on the trees. It was like a little Stanley Park. I rested on this bench for a good 40 minutes.

Then I wandered in search of some road to take me to the peak of Montjuic, so that I could see the sea. And I finally (after many failed attempts) found it today! It was so cool! I could feel the air getting thinner and the pines were more stunted as I became closer to the top. There I found a fort-like structure I hadn't heard of before, then sure enough...

The industrial port of Barcelona is just incredible! I forgot how gigantic it is, it just goes on forever! I wonder how far back into the past we'd have to go in order to see nothing but beach and crashing waves there? Hmm.

Being broke isn't as bad as I thought...

Although, I predict the next 2-3 more weekends of socializing left before I get my damage deposit back on the 31st (money for England trip), will be expensive.

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