Sunday, September 20, 2009


The differnce between the verbs Ser and Estar.

Ser= to be
Estar= to be

When using the verb Ser, you are defining a person, describing the physical appearance, nationality, profession, character of something or someone. eg. Soy canadiense. (I'm Canadian.)

Where as, when you use Estar, you are describing the location, emotional state, or temporary physical state of something or someone. eg. Estoy triste. (I'm sad.) You even describe being dead with Estar (as if you're only dead temporarily...).

Anyways! In helping to remember the difference between these two verbs to describe what a thing is, I like to just try and remember something is just temporary when using Estar. To be sad, to be confused, or to be frustrated is only temporary. And that one's character, deep down, never really changes despite a broken heart or failed exam (at least in the Spanish grammer world). So for anyone who is a bit miserable or stressed out because of school or work or whatever, ¡Esta temporal! ;)

Y a veces, las cosas buenas estan temporales tambien, entonces, ¡Disfruta!
(And sometimes the good things are temporary too, so enjoy!)

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  1. That's like the verbs Essere and Stare in Italian! Yayyyy finding links in languages can be so helpful sometimes :)

    Btw nice wise words :) I love you!



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