Saturday, September 5, 2009


With several weeks of stinking hot weather, I was beginning to need a bebida fresca (fresh drink). And being a Vancouverite I should be enjoying the fact that I hadn't experienced rain in over a month. But there's something about the grey skies and bursts of fresh rain here that create an almost euphoric feeling for me. Maybe I'm starting to miss Vancouver a bit. I think that when the skies are clear here, the sun shines on the walls of Raval and casts a beautiful warm glow on the subjects of the street (the golden hour is every hour for a photographer here). But when you want to photograph the last hint of colour on the trees and grass, this perfect menacing grey intensifies and showcases their brilliant green. Almost reminding us that fall is near and we should appreciate the last remaining articles of summer.

Although, who am I kidding. I'll be able to go to the beach until late October. :) HA!

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  1. way to rub it in! btw check out my blog- i mentioned you :)



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