Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Lazy ol' me.
On most weekday mornings I tend to sleep in quite a bit longer than normally. For, the rest of my day consists of me at work, trying to stay chipper while dialing nearly 200 UK numbers a day and having to hear "NO!" or "No, no, no, NO!, no... stop calling me!!" about 80 times. So, usually I tend to have a long breakfast in front of the computuer, answering your emails and seeing what everyone is up to on facebook. Then I read, draw or go for a walk before making lunch and getting ready for work. A pleasant start to my day is vital, so when waking up to a full-blown reno going on upstairs and then followed by a cockroach sighting in my kitchen, which I had cleaned very carefully the night before, i. am. not. happy. Cockroaches are full-on nasty and will not go away and of course, I'm a chicken and can't kill them myself (I'm afraid if I do, I'll puke), so I trap them under cups or tupperwear containers for my flatmates to find and then kill. They find this (luckily) hilarious and get a kick out of smashing them. My flatmate Marcelo says we should start a super hero team that will save the fragile, entomophobic dwellers of Barcelona, by carrying on the trapping (that's me) and killing (that's him) of all the cucarachas!
Anyway the point of my story here is, I took a break from this usual morning routine last week to finally FINALLY buy some stamps to put on your postcards which were meant to be sent to you almost 3 months ago in Turkey. So until those postcards actually arrive, here are couple more photos to keep you jealous of my wonderful Turkey trip.

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