Friday, September 4, 2009


Word Sketch

I saw this cool "Book of Sketches" (a collection of "word sketches"/poems of Jack Kerouac's at a nearby bookstore. I thought the concept was kind of cool. So here is my own word sketch...

choking horrible
thong. loud.
trainspotting bladerunner
crumpled cardboard pillow on puddle
jerry job interview
got job
job monday

And for something a little less random,
I just got news from my lovely friend Hannah, that she arrived in Montreal safely. She'll be living there for.. who knows how long. I'll miss her like crazy. She's my oldest friend and whenever we get together, we act like we're 6 years old again. It's rare to come across a friendship strong enough to stand the test of time (probably almost 21-22 years now for us!). I'm really lucky to know her and have her in my life. Here is a cool picture Hannah took during our trip to Paris this past spring. I looks like I'm in a wonderworld diner of mirrors...

Best of luck Hannah Banana. Our "I Kill in Purple" project is still happening... it's just taking a while. I think we need a jazz group to create the soundtrack. I think it would really make the film! Hehe.

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