Monday, May 11, 2009


Union Market

I miss it a lot today. I enjoy grocery shopping in my barrio. Lot's of great fruit stands with friendly staff. One in particular, the ladies there call their customers by 'guapa' or 'guapo' (gorgeous/handsome). And I find that the only parts of Barcelona that aren't overpriced, are it's supermarkets. I managed to buy 15 things for under 14 euros today... (and no, they weren't all bread rolls. lol) And some days I can get more, depending on how far I'm willing to walk.
But if there is one thing (other than my family and friends, and my bike) that I'm missing most, it's Union. I want to go there right now and buy some fresh cold milk in the glass bottle (not this stupid stuff that can last almost 5 months without turning into cheese), chicken curry pockets and gloria's chicken, those blueberries in the summer, the perfect croissants... sigh. I want to walk over with my canvas bag right now and open the door to see either Andy, Gloria or their charmer of a son, David. haha oh david.
Maybe I'll find the equivilant of Union here, although I highly doubt it.

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  1. i ate a chicken curry pocket for you today<3



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