Thursday, May 28, 2009


New friends!! :D
After going to Paris I had a week until I could join up with a new rotation of students. The first rotation was great, but most of the time I was the only girl. I was craving some female bonding. haha to gab about guys, shoes, gossip.. ANYTHING! So to my surprise I ended up in a new class of COMPLETELY girls! The teachers were awesome too. Carolina (a sub that I had for my first week) is so sweet and patient and a stunner to say the least. Irkus is hilarious, our zaney Basque teacher for the 2nd half of class jokes and says "Todas chicas hoy!? tengo miedo!" and hides in the corner. and he makes sure that we all know that Bilbao es el centro de la universe (he's from Bilbao).
So yeah, school's been fun y el centro de mi universe since I started. Even though there are a lot of evil irregular verbs with too many tenses, there's lots of laughing and making fun of Irkus (poor guy. can't stand a chance with half a dozen girls giving him trouble on a daily basis. but he holds up really well! haha). We girls have made trips to the beach, the bars, a picnic, a party at my house and Jade (Manchester), Valentina (St. Petersbourg) and I even made a 2 hour train trip to Figueres for the Dali Museum/Theatre. Quite cool, but wouldn't have been what it was if it hadn't been for those two. The boyfriends are super cool too! Chrissy (Holand) and her boyfriend Pablo (Spain) are very interesting people. Both students of music and are living together in Barcelona for the year studying. Gary, Jade's bf is a sweetheart too. His company transfered him here and Jade came along. We went out last night to see the Barça/ Man. U game last night! EPIC!!
Valentina is an old soul, but also a total goof and has a smile that would light a room. She's the girliest of them all and always dresses impecably. Despina (Cyrpus) is also a very dynamic girl, with great taste in music, she took all us girls to her friend's friend's friend's show in Raval and it was awesome (best stuff I've seen yet). I'm looking forward to spending more time with these people.
It's kinda funny how after weeks of barely having any friends here, I get a whole group of them all at once! And now I'm getting a bit sad about how I'm leaving Barcelona quite soon and probably won't ever hang out with them all together in this special group again... I guess I may be back here this summer/early fall, maybe they'll still be here... stay tuned.

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