Thursday, April 15, 2010


Horray! I finally got my act together and had a few close friends over for a proper tea party.
And boys, you probably won't ever understand the attraction of a tea party (other than the free food). Think of this as a poker night... substitute cigars for pearls or lace, nachos and beer for cream cheese & lox.
As much as I loved getting these wonderful ladies together, I also found the whole process of preparation (although exhausting) so much fun! Planning the baking, arranging the china, the smells in the kitchen... sigh* I liked making the mini sandwiches and wraps the most though. Something about making things miniature and sticking them with toothpicks is very satisfying. Sweating around the oven and setting out the doily.... It was like being a Stepford wife to 7 girlfriends, (NOT a husband.) I loved it! :)
I'd love to have another one in the backyard when the weather is a bit more consistent. Glad you all could come ladies!!! And especially Diana, who was supposed to be in the US for a Polish dancing event (but due to the devastating events last weekend, it was cancelled). My condolences Dee!

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