Sunday, December 6, 2009

Places, People and Things

SO Sorry that I have not put anything up in the last month!
I've been sort of traveling nonstop. What a ride.

Lets recap:
Lewes (Sussex), as I mentioned before, is gorgeous. Even when it was rainy and dark, I just stayed cozy inside with Rupert the dog or chatted with my wonderful Aunty (actually 2nd cousin) Tiina and her husband Mike. I felt so at home. Lots of tea and delicious food was consumed.

I went there for 2 day trips. I wished for a couple more days to see some more art galleries, but here just wasn't enough time. I saw the V&A and was inspired by the wonderful jewelry exhibit, ate my first hearty beef + ale pot pie in ages in the opulent museum cafe. Then Tiina and I saw some ice skaters and dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum and continued on to experience some more feasts for the senses at Harrods. Lions, Tigers and Bears. Oh my!

The second day I took the train in by myself (exciting!!). Out of Victoria Stn, I jumped on the tube and heard some great buskers playing some very moving and spirited highland-type music with fiddles and guitar. Saw a sweet little toy museum, recommended by my friend Despina. Zipped over to the British Museum only to see one exhibit on ancient Maya to realize I was going to be late for the open day at Camberwell School of Art. Grabbed a Pret-a-manger turkey sandwich and lemonade and then quickly began my rather stressful journey into Peckham. Rather dodgy... Well I JUST made it off the bus and into the school for the start of the tour. Well, I was disappointed with it and wished I could have seen another school instead, while in London. Oh well. The ride back to Oxford street was fantastic! The #12 bus goes over the Thames and right next to Big Ben and Piccadilly Circus! Cool! My heart was up in the sky, until I saw the price tags in TopShop. That store on Oxford St... my god. A shopaholic's paradise. If only I wasn't so broke.

Then up to BATH!
Bath was rather boring the last time I was there with my school. But this time around, my fun cousin Rosalie (Rozzi) lives there and was able to show me a great time. The weather was brutal, but staying indoors was fun. Hanging out in her flat watching one of my new favorite shows "Misfits" on her bed eating carbs and candy, singing and dancing to wonderful cheese at the local hotspot with Rozzi's fun girlfriends, or just going out to sweet little coffee shops and window shopping in Ted Baker or catching a flick and experiencing exploding popcorn (lol)... it was just perfect. I wish I could have stayed there longer. Rozzi is such a sweet and funny person, I could just see us living together in London or something.. NON STOP GIGGLE FEST.

Then on my last morning there, my luck with trains and public transportation, kind of stopped.

Because I wanted to take some pretty photos of Bath on the one sunny day I was there, I was late for my train. I missed it by ONE minute! While I trying to swim upstream with my large bag (no lift), and about 50 people to dodge, my train was leaving the platform. PANIC PANIC!!! The sweet guy working at the turnstile saw what happened and wrote something on the back of my ticket allowing me to get onboard and travel north without having to pay for another ticket. THANK YOU!

I love train travel (except for the lugging of the luggage, or sitting next to an annoyingly chatty or stinky person, of course). It lets you have time to sit and contemplate life, look at the beautiful world outside or just take a well needed nap.

to be cont'd....

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