Friday, December 11, 2009


The courtyard of the MACBA, the contemporary art gallery in my old barrio, Raval. I love this place in the summer, it is crawling with all sorts. The pavement sizzles and the Paki's are selling ice-cold Estrellas ("sexy beers") for a euro twenty-five.
Sigh* I'm now back in Vancouver, freezing cold Vancity. Don't get me wrong, being home and with my family again is wonderful, especially when it's constantly sunny for the first week of being back. But there are times like these, when I'm sitting at the computer with a tuque on and a fleece bathrobe AND a poncho on top of my PJs, wishing I was sweating in shorts and aching for AC in Barcelona. Just sayin'!

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No, I didn't come to Barcelona because of THAT movie. (although it did fuel my obsession with this city, slightly). First time living away from home, away from Canada... Thinking it's gonna be an adventure. I want to share my ups and downs with you during my European get away, so enjoy. :)