Sunday, June 28, 2009


The word: EXTREME

Anthony liked to say EXTREME a lot during his stay. But it also can be used to describe the state of my last day in Barcelona.
The morning consisted of packing, organizing and making food. Then Kaja and I went to Barceloneta to meet up with Anthony . The boy suggested we bring olive oil to tan with (sorry! it's bad I know. but i put spf 45 underneath!). So when Kaja and Ant were in the water, a EXTREME olive oil spill occured in my beach bag (which was supposed to be my carry-on bag). Sopping up the spillage with my towel and trying to not waste it, I carried on slathering the oil all over me (not as sexy as you may imagine)... dirty sand, damp bathing suit, oil... you do the math.
Anyways, when we got back to the apartment I put it in the wash. Kaja and I then carried on to Jade and Gary's for a farewell dinner (yummy comfort food). They also gave me a sweet card with a panda on it (like Longey... i'll explain who Longey is later), with a little bottle of wine and a sweet-ass corkscrew (I had been using a horrible one in my apartment for too long). So that was really sweet. Then we carried on to the festivities on the beach for the yearly midsummer night's fest (can't remember the name! gahh) debauchery. It was a bitter sweet night, saying goodbye to these lovely people (although I may be going back sooner than expected) and saying bye to Ant.
Then after walking 45 minutes back to the apartment, I realised I didn't have my keys!! EXTREME STUPID! bah! So kaja and I had to wait my neighbourhood until my roomies came home. Finally at 4:00, we got in. BUT...

I went in to the kitchen to get my bag which I had assumed would be drying up in the machiene. And when I opened the little door... WOOOSSHHHH gallons of cold water emptied out onto the kitchen floor and hallway. I was there trying to the close the stupid door and prevent more water from coming out, while standing in 3 inches of cold water. My sister and roomies were in hysterics. Kaja took pictures while my Urania and Marga mopped and helped me out of my mess. It was funny. EXTREME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, when it comes down to goodbyes, I am quite literally a mess (reminder for next time: avoid washing clothes, or using olive oil in any way).

I will try and write up another post about my adventures with the Tammemagis in Estonia soon! Sorry for the delay. x

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