Saturday, June 13, 2009


This morning I am a very happy girl.

-I didn't wake up with my mouthguard on the floor, but actually still in my mouth this time! (yay no jaw pain today!)
-my neighbours weren't the ones who woke me up, but by the smell of toast or just me naturally getting up at 10:30 (magical time, when I ALWAYS wake up after a night out, even if I come home at 4).
-Remembering last night. Alicia had us all for pica-picas (delicious finger foods and salads). But before we had our "graduation" party with our teachers. So fun! Then Jade, Gary, Alicia and I went to this bar/club in Gotico where they played all old school funk and soul music. There, I managed to actually flirt in SPANISH with a very good-looking Spaniard (thanks to wing-woman, party-pro Alicia). haha

I feel like I put a lot of work into learning this language and going to school every day, it's probably one of the hardest thing I've done. But it was finally the kind of hard work that you really like to do, because you know by the end you've really got something cool and useful out of it. I don't really know if my teachers will ever know how much we students appreciate them. Carolina was a ball of sunshine every morning who was so patient and helpfull. I'll really miss her! And Irkus... he's just something else. I don't remember the last time I laughed so hard in any type of class! (i'll post up some pictures later of our class and the funny present we gave to Irkus at the end of class).
My French teacher in high school, Ms Gatti helped start of my studies in languages (even though at that point I couldn't care less about learning French or any stupid language other than English). She worked (and works) so hard to get her students to understand, but during high school, kids don't say thank you and don't get how lucky they have it, with a teacher like Gatti. Well, Ms Gatti your French helped me out a lot in Spanish and I hope you know how much my friends and I love you!
It takes a real gem to teach any language. It's a thankless job in some senses (especially if you teach a bunch of snot-nosed teenagers), and you aren't being paid what you should be (same case for all teachers I assume).


uh.. and people don't read this as I've graduated my Spanish classes, and now I am fluent. HA! far from it. Now I can start practicing in the real world :) ... and hopefully with a hot Barcelonian. ;)

Hasta luego x

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