Monday, April 20, 2009


Barcelona. I have been here almost 3 weeks! I can't believe how quickly 3 weeks have gone past. For the first week or so, I spent most of my time getting lost and frustrated with myself for not being able to read a map. I still use a map, but now I'm a little more aware of where I'm going. For example, I will NOT be going in the direction of Calle Sant Pau at Calle de la Junta de Comerc in the "colourful" barrio of Raval (Yes, Carmella I know you told me not to go there.) Hmmm, yes, Prostitutes, bizarre smells, overly friendly immigrant men lurking at every grimey corner. Best to travel in a pack of feisty lesbians (whom I made friends with my first week. Friends of friends of my room mates). Monica and her girlfriend took new friend Alexandra and I to a couple of cool places... Manchester near the MACBA and this random place near the piss hole of Raval (but excellent improv. jazz and generous bartenders). When going out here, I find myself enlightened and smelling like a thousand cigarettes. Hm.

I love my area of town, Eixample near Sagrada Familia. What a treat to live in such a charming part of Barça. Full of old people on the Av. Gaudi promenading down with their other halfs or little dogs, it's beautiful. Lots of little kids running around too. It's a 10 second walk to either a tienda de Verduras y Frutas or supermarket or coffee shop or a dozen temping bakeries and... shoe shops. OH MY I have never been so tempted. AMAZING, girls! Seriously, almost anywhere you go!!! ahhh...

School is cool. I have met some great people. Mark, a sweet English guy living in Sitges with his partner is nice to chat with during our coffee breaks (gotta love those cafe con leche's). Sarqawt, an Iraqi Architecture student living in Barcelona has been so much help to me the past few weeks. He helped me set up a cel phone account, took me to Montjuic and even found a place for BOWLING! Haha. Lucky me.
I sure miss my friends back at home though. I miss talking and joking about things that we all understand. I miss our hugs. the double kiss thing is very euro and fun at first, but there's no sincerity in it! you know how I do! ;)
And I miss my family's computer (so fast, so reliable!!). I can't even upload a freaking profile picture for this blog. lol

Anyways... I won't let my first blog post be a complaining one.

Playlist for this post:

Happy Boys & Girls, Aqua (haha thanks Kaja)
Some mutalation song and my dad telling the audience that "the teenagers are looking for kicks" (ooh! and now RED CAR!) from a live recording in the Railway club, Beverly Sisters
The Concubine, Beirut

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  1. yayyyyyy finally!! btw did you take ALL my music that i left on that comp?!?!



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