Wednesday, April 29, 2009


It's me.

I don't know if it's the song the teenage boy is playing in the next room, or croissant withdrawl, but I'm feeling a little anxious. I've never experienced this before, the transition from tourist to local. For example, I joined a few hundred tourists this morning in Parc Guell and then in the afternoon, I had a long session of thinking about starting a bank account and getting my residency card to start my job hunt.
It's great in some ways, but I'm wondering if the local thing is gonna last more than 3 months. I like this city. The weather is fine right now. Although, my social network is far too small, have barely touched a discoteque here, and my grasp of the Spanish language is slowing getting better but not good enough to chat easily with a local. It's a frustrating time.
I know most of you may be thinking, "What the hell girl? relax! You are in Spain for crying out loud. Enjoyyyy!" But if I want to "enjoyyy" (i.e being able to afford pretty shoes and maintain a comfortable lifestyle of eating proper meals) and seriously settle here for more than 3 months, I need to think about things. Like looking into schools, getting a job... I guess one thing at a time. I should shut my brain off and the voices of certain people and just look at pretty things like this...

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